Replacing or installing a bathroom is probably one of the most expensive projects you can undertake on your house. It therefore involves a lot of thought to ensure that you choose the right bathroom suite, fixtures and fittings to create the look you want within your budget. In this article we look at the types of bathroom basins available and advise you on how to choose the right one for your bathroom.

There are four different types of bathroom basins, the freestanding basin, the wall mounted basin, countertop basin and the corner basin. Which one of these types you choose will depend on your bathroom and the space you have available.

Wall Mounted Basins

Wall mounted basins are probably the most common. This is mainly because they were the first type of basins to be invented so were the first to be installed into most houses. The plumbing is therefore in the correct place in most houses to accommodate this type of sink so a simple replacement is very cost effective.

Wall mounted basins can be put in most bathrooms or separate toilets as they don’t take up too much space. You can choose to simply install the wall mounted basin and leave the bottom exposed, or you can opt to have a cabinet around the bottom of the basin which makes even better use of the space available in your bathroom.

Wall mounted basins comes in traditional shaped styles such as the Bowness Wall Hung Basin or more modern designs such as the Chancery Round Wall Hung Basin.

Freestanding Basins

Freestanding basins aren’t as common as wall mounted basins and as such they tend to be more expensive. Freestanding basins can be used to create a focal point in the bathroom and tend to be used in larger bathrooms as they generally take up more space than wall mounted basins. There are a wide range of designer freestanding basins available including the Minnesota Designer Freestanding One Piece Basin and the Seattle Designer Freestanding One Piece Basin.

Countertop Basins

Over the last couple of years, countertop basins have become very popular. These basins are usually fitted to sit onto a counter in the bathroom and have a more luxurious look. The shape and design of countertop basins vary from round designs such as the Alaska Round Countertop Basin to more contemporary styles such as the Perth Square Countertop Basin.  Generally countertop bathrooms look best in more modern styled bathrooms.

Corner Basins

Corner basins are ideal for smaller bathrooms or separate toilets as they have a smaller footprint than the other types of basin so take up less space. Again you can choose a more traditionally styled corner basin such as the Ullswater Quadrant Wall Hung Corner Basin or a more modern style such as the Joella Quadrant Wall Hung Corner Basin.

Whichever type of bathroom basins you choose for your bathrooms, opt for a type that will complement the rest of your bathroom suite for a more elegant look.